Baby Bottles of Hope

We need your help filling

“K” was 18 years old, was in the hospital and had just given birth to a beautiful baby girl that she knew she could not care for. She had decided to just leave the baby at the hospital when she was released. The hospital staff encouraged her to call Hannah’s Hope to talk with a counselor about how to make the best plan for her baby. A Hannah’s Hope Social Worker was able to help her understand the opportunity she had to actually make plans for her baby to have a loving family and to know those people rather than subject her child to the foster care system by using the Safe Haven law. “K” was empowered to choose an adoptive family and ensure that her child would have the love, care and opportunities that she dreamed for her to have. Through Open Adoption, “K” still communicates with the adoptive family and knows that her baby girl is thriving in their home.

“T” called Hannah’s Hope last Spring and came to our office with her boyfriend and their 6 month old baby. She was expecting their second child, who would be born before the baby turned 1 year old. They were overwhelmed with the thought and sought help making an adoption plan. A Hannah’s Hope Social Worker assisted them in making an adoption plan. Once her baby was born, “T” decided that she really wanted to try parenting. Hannah’s Hope supported her in this decision. When the baby was one month old, “T” called Hannah’s Hope again, in crisis, and feeling unable to care for her children properly. Her Social Worker assisted her in accessing mental health care and making care plans for her children. She is still considering an adoption plan, but at this point Hannah’s Hope is providing on-going emotional support and helping her to connect with community resources.

The stories of these women are representative of those served through the Pregnancy Counseling Ministry of Hannah’s Hope. This ministry is offered at no cost to any woman in need through the support of churches and individuals across the West Tennessee area. So that women like “K” and “T” and their babies can experience the grace of Christ in their time of need, we are asking you to Fill Baby Bottles of Hope to support this critical need and life changing ministry.


  •  Recruit at least 12 families / individuals who will purchase baby bottles and fill them with loose change.
  •  Set date to receive Bottles of Hope and plan a special time of prayer for the offerings and the crisis pregnancy counseling ministry of Hannah’s Hope.
  •  Pray that women facing unplanned pregnancies will have the strength to choose life and carry their pregnancy; will make healthy, responsible choices for their baby and themselves; and have the courage to make the loving choice of adoption when they believe they will be unable to provide for their child.
  •  The Hannah’s Hope office has several large baby bottle banks and small baby bottles for individual use that can be borrowed by a church doing this project. Contact our office if this will be of help to you.
  •  Feel free to choose an alternative date / season to conduct your Baby Bottles project if the November offering date is not convenient in your setting.



October 2015:

Recruit volunteer parents, grandparents, and children to purchase and fill baby bottles with change.


12 bottles per congregation.

November 2015:

Individuals and families return the filled bottles to church on the designated Sunday where they are received with a blessing and a prayer offered for the women and children affected by unplanned/crisis pregnancies.

Contributions may be sent to:

Hannah;s Hope

5676 Stage Road

Bartlett, TN 38134

Or you can Donate today:


For more information, please contact Rev. Trina Morrison

Phone: 901-327-5560

Fax: 901-327-5559