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Dear Friend in Ministry,

At Hannah’s Hope we work with expectant mothers to ensure that each child has the best life possible, whether that is with the biological family or with an adoptive one. We help these pregnant women attend counseling, get the care they need, and have a plan. We assist with food, clothing, rides to medical appointments, as well as emergency needs. We know what it is like to counsel mothers who are doing their best, scraping pennies together to take care of their children, and make the difficult decision to place their child with an adoptive family. For those mothers, we place those babies in loving homes and support those adoptive families through the process.  As Mother’s Day (May 8) and Birth Mother’s Day (May 7) quickly approach us, we hope to honor the women we serve.  In order to continue our ministry and assist these women, we need the support of congregations, UMW Circles, small groups, and Sunday School classes to sustain the ministry of Hannah’s Hope. 

We have been blessed to be in ministry in the Memphis Conference for almost 20 years, and it has been a joy to watch our ministry grow and change over time. The year 2022 brings new challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic and the fact that we have had two especially complex cases (one with a medically complex baby and another in which a judicial error resulted in a 4.5 year legal process in order to complete the adoption) that have required far more extensive services for those children, their birth mothers, and adoptive families than any placement fees would cover.  This has resulted in a need for Hannah’s Hope to raise a substantial amount in order to replenish our operating and reserve funds so that we are ready when the next vulnerable mother or child needs us. Now more than ever, we need for individuals, UMW circles, missions’ committees, Sunday School classes, and other friends in ministry to know about the mission Hannah’s Hope serves and how to be involved.

We hope that you and your church will participate in the Baby Bottles of Hope program. Participants collect their monies in baby bottles throughout the duration of the campaign. Funds raised provide counseling sessions, case management, birth mother care bags, nutritious groceries for expectant mothers, maternity clothes, and so much more.

As a leader in your church, we hope you will take the Baby Bottles of Hope program into consideration. Enclosed in this participation packet is a Baby Bottles program flyer to hang around the church and a bulletin insert to advertise the program.  Churches, faith groups and individuals who commit to raising a designated level of support through Baby Bottles of Hope will be recognized with personalized certificates and through Hannah’s Hope’s online presence. See what your contributions can provide below.

Level Donation Amount What Level Supports
Platinum $1,000+ 10 hours of counseling to an expectant mother
Gold $500 5 birth mother care bags
Silver $250 5 bags of groceries for pregnant women in need
Member $100-$250 Maternity clothes and diapers for a pregnant woman

We hope your congregation joins us as we raise support for these mothers and babies. A step by step guide to the Baby Bottles of Hope program is included below.

Baby Bottles of Hope Leader Guide

  1. Purchase baby bottles or request to borrow them from Hannah’s Hope. Call 901-327-5560 or email to request baby bottles to borrow.
  2. Set a launch day to start collecting as a congregation. Hannah’s Hope will be launching this effort on March 13, but your congregation can choose the date that works best for you.
  3. Determine a date to receive Bottles of Hope and plan a special time of prayer for the offerings and the crisis pregnancy counseling ministry of Hannah’s Hope. Hannah’s Hope is focusing on May 8, which Mother’s Day (and the day after Birth Mother’s Day), but your congregation can choose the date that works best for you.
  4. Fill in dates on Baby Bottles of Hope flyer and bulletin insert.
  5. Recruit at least 12 families or individuals who will fill them with loose change.
  6. Pray that women facing unplanned pregnancies will have the strength to choose life and carry their pregnancy; will make healthy choices for their baby and themselves; and have the courage to make the loving choice of adoption when they feel they cannot parent their child.

Helpful Hints to Promote the Program

Several of our participating congregations engage their church members in friendly competition. Some of the most successful ideas are:

  1. Challenge Sunday School classes or small groups to compete against each other to raise the most change.
  2. Have the children and youth compete against the adults.
  3. Set a goal for the whole congregation to fill an extra large baby bottle.

If your group chooses to participate in the 2022 Baby Bottles of Hope program, please click the Baby Bottles of Hope button on our website and register using the online form. Encourage your group to bring their baby bottles to church by May 8, or whichever date your congregation chooses. Then, return the counted change and baby bottles to Hannah’s Hope or contact us if you need assistance. You may also donate online at by naming your group in the “in honor of” section and please call us at 901-327-5560 if we can help you in any way.


Rev. Trina Morrison
Executive Director

Registration Packet

Baby Bottles of Hope Leader Letter
Baby Bottles of Hope Bulletin Insert
Baby Bottles of Hope Flyer
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