Who is Eligible?

Minimum Standards for Waiting Families:

  • Single or married adult age 25+
  • Married applicants must be married at least 3 years
  • US Citizenship required (for single parent) or one spouse must be US Citizen
  • Must clear local background check, DMV check, all abuse / TBI registries (Sex offender, child abuse, and Meth.), be fingerprinted, must have clear drug screen, must not smoke, and receive positive, written character references from the 7 designated individuals on their application. Previous misdemeanor convictions will require a review on a case by case basis; however, there must not be any convictions for crimes against people (such as rape, murder, assault, child abuse, domestic violence, etc.), nor drug / alcohol related convictions during the previous 10 years. Felony convictions are not acceptable.
  • Documentation of infertility and/or motivation to adopt
  • Documentation by a physician that each person is in good physical and mental health, having no illnesses or health conditions which would impact their ability to parent or their life expectancy and no addiction issues.
  • Must be an active member of a faith-based community or other community of support. 
  • Documented financial stability & proof of health, house / rental, car and life Insurance

“A birthmother puts the needs of her child before the wants of her heart.”-Skye Hardwick, founder of Life Mothers.