Circle of Hope

The Circle of Hope Program is a tiered giving society that provides a tangible way to support the mission of Hannah’s Hope. UMW Circles, Churches, Sunday School classes, and more are invited to participate annually by committing to Circle of Hope level.

First and foremost, we covet your prayers and spiritual support of Hannah’s Hope. We hope you will take a moment out of your time together as a group for four weeks to pray for the mothers, the babies, the families, and for the mission of Hannah’s Hope using the prayer cards. We know that our ministry is because of God’s provision, and we hope you will help us give thanks for it and pray for its continued growth.

The Circle of Hope levels and the support they provide are listed below.

Circle of Hope Levels

Level Donation Amount What Level Supports
Platinum $1,000+ 10 hours of counseling to an expectant mother
Gold $500 5 birth mother care bags
Silver $250 5 bags of groceries for pregnant women in need
Circle of Hope Member <$250 Maternity clothes and diapers for a pregnant woman


Each group that becomes members of the Circle of Hope will be recognized on the Hannah’s Hope website and social media, as well as through Memphis Conference news. As a thank you, members will receive a certificate to hang where the group meets, as a reminder of the good work you have done to sustain the mission of Hannah’s Hope.

If your group chooses to participate in the 2018 Circle of Hope program, please download the participation packet below. Mail in the pledge card with the amount your group plans to contribute or a check for the amount. You may also donate online at by naming your group in the “in honor of” section, or by calling 901-327-5560.

Participation Packet

Circle of Hope Letter
Circle of Hope Flyer
For Hannah’s Hope Prayer Card
For the Babies Prayer Card
For the Families Prayer Card
For the Mothers Prayer Card